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Welcome to Aquila Sedco Drilling Co.

Aquila Sedco Drilling Co., LP is a private, independent oil and gas drilling company headquartered in Wichita Falls, Texas.


alerticon   Notice: Aquila Sedco Drilling Co., LP has received reports of fraudulent employment opportunity notifications being sent from employment sites. This is a job scam. Aquila Sedco Drilling Co., LP is currently not hiring.  Other signs of a job scam might include — but are not necessarily limited to — requests that an applicant pay a fee (for certification, training materials, or placement expenses) or provide credit card and/or bank-account information. If you have received a fraudulent employment notification, do not provide any money or personal information. Instead, contact your local police and file a report. If you have already provided a job scammer with money or personal information, you should also immediately contact your bank and/or credit card company to close the account and dispute the charges. If you are unsure whether you are in receipt of a fraudulent employment notification, contact Aquila Sedco Drilling Co., LP directly at 940-761-3153.